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Discussion in 'Non Surgery Weight Loss' started by LizJ, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. LizJ

    LizJ Well-Known Member

    If you want you can join my facebook group that's doing it. about 30 people, some doing the challenge some are family and friends that are following my progress to cheer me on! Let me know. :)
  2. Munchkin

    Munchkin Full of Fairy Dust

    At last the holidays are done. I always love to see them come, and love to see them go!
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  3. LizJ

    LizJ Well-Known Member

    So, I really wanted to lose weight over the holidays and I didn't...:( On the other hand, I didn't gain anything either. ;) I'm going to take that for a win! :ROFLMAO:

    I'm currently working on getting my carbs back down and eating cleaner as I start my last 100 Day Challenge on Monday. I haven't decided what my final goal weight should be... My BMI is barely normal, I have a lot of extra skin that my doctor says is about 10lbs... I'm 5 foot almost 5 inches tall and currently weigh 148, thinking about making 140 my end all be all goal. I'm extremely comfortable at my current size. I can get down to train puppies or play with with my granddaughter on the floor AND get back up without help. My husband already thinks I'm tiny...:laugh: To be honest my original goal was 175# and was praying I'd be a size 16, I'm now a size 8 and really can't see myself down to a 6... How did you decided what your goal was/is? My surgeon feels that I'm below goal, my PCP says that a few more pounds might help me get off my last medication, which is really the only reason I see to lose more weight.

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  4. Settledownnow

    Settledownnow Well-Known Member

    To be honest, if you have to diet to obtain some magic number of a scale it is not worth it. The scale should not dictate your life. My goal is not a special number on the scale but to eat three moderate (and satisfying) protein forward meals per day, snacks as needed to get in enough protein, and engage in some type of physical activity at least three days per week. When you do that consistently you weigh what you should weigh. Each body is different.
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  5. DonRobbie

    DonRobbie Well-Known Member

    I'm still in early days so I'm trying (key word "trying") to be pretty zen, because it seems like it's pretty hard to predict where you're going to land. Once I'm 6-9 months out I'll have a better handle on the range of the possible (lots of folks seem to be surprised by how much or how little they lose).
    To be honest, like most folks (I think) my target has a lot to do with a weight I remember feeling good at, so for me that's 185-200, I'd gotten over 200 by the time I finished my Freshman year at college, so over my Sophomore year with some diet and a lot of exercise I got down to about 185. I was running and felt pretty unconstrained physically. I knew I was heavy but I felt better than I had at over 200 or on my way up. My wife's ideal weight for me is about 225, that's where she thought I looked best.
    I'm not sure I can "go home again" though. Maybe it's body dysmorphia but I think my face looks different than the last time I was the weight I am now (granted that was 15-16 years ago). So I suspect that if I make it to 185 I'm not going to look the same as I did before. :unsure:
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  6. JackieOnLine

    JackieOnLine Moderator Staff Member

    for sure body dysmorphis is a real thing however nobody adjusts to the changes we go through at the speed we do without just plain old extra TIME. you lose a big bunch of weight in a hurry - as you are and will - and you need time to adjust, we just aren't designed for this and our brains have to catch up.

    and what different parts of your body look like at different weights changes, too, like I lost from my top down for some reason and I know others have, too but everybody is different.

    oh, and age is a bitch, I know I was shocked that losing weight didn't give me back the face I had when I was 20 only thinner. dammit.

    I say pick a goal weight if you want to but also just waiting and seeing is a good option, too.

    you know what I always want to say to people at your stage? relax and enjoy yourself!!!!!!!! ;)
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  7. LizJ

    LizJ Well-Known Member

    It helps to have people that understand and don’t push, unless we ask! I’m finally able to see me, not just the number on the scale. I’ve had a couple of “oh, shit!” moments this weekend and I think I’m getting a grip on my body dysmorphic disorder, finally. I’ve been hyper focused on the scale because I don’t/didn’t see me at the size I am now.
    Thanks peeps

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