Terms and rules

Terms of Use

1. Don't be an asshat.

2. If you have to be an asshat, take it to Rants &Raves also known as R&R. If not a member of R&R yet, take it to The Lounge. If you file a complaint to a staff member about what is in R&R, you will be removed from access from R&R for a period to be determined by the staff.

3. Yeah, #2 is actually a better rule because we all like a good verbal slap-fest sometimes. So, okay, be an asshat, just keep your asshat comments in R&R/The Lounge.

4. If you are unable to recognize the fact that you are being an asshat, a moderator will be assigned to you. If you don't like your moderator, tell them that in R&R/The Lounge where you can in fact tell them that they are an even bigger asshat. See how well that works?

5. Don't try to find out private stuff about other posters. Also do not POST private stuff about another poster unless they post it first. For cripe’s sake, we regularly talk about bowel movements and our sex lives, how frigging much more personal do you need to get?

6. In case reading about someone else's bowel movements and sex lives is making your naughty bits all tingly and you begin to think that you might like to get to know a poster IRL, fuggitaboudit! That is way too creepy and stalker-y. There are other forums who would welcome you with open arms or maybe whips and chains, whatev, but keep that crap off this board.

7. If you want to share something that was posted on another site just to make fun of them, you must get eleven other people who all have the same initials, avatar or starting weight as you to agree that a dumbass shaming is in order before you can link to said dumbass comment. Don't trying linking this stuff without general agreement or there will be people waiting for you in R&R after gym class.

8. Don't ask for advice and then tell the responders that they are being mean to you when they tell you that you are being dumb about whatever you are doing, are planning to do, or heaven forbid, have already done. Suck it up, Buttercup. Stop being a big girl's blouse and take the advice that was offered - or ignore it - and move on. It gets way too complicated when the person asking for advice starts critiquing the posters who are trying to help. It becomes a way inbred circle jerk when poster A asks for help and poster B responds asking if you have lost your damn mind and Poster 3 yells at poster B for being a doody-head and then posters D through Zed chime in. Ask questions, choose the answer that works for you, or move on. Easy Peasy.

9. Don't be a forum nanny. Everyone will hate you. No really, they will hate you because you come across as an impotent whiny little bitch. If you don't like it here - move on.

10. Don't pretend to have cancer to scam people. That shite is against the law.

11. Don't send money to someone on line who tells you they have cancer - they are lying and you are being stupid with your money. Give us your money and we will send it to the Ethiopian Princess who keeps emailing us about her father the King's millions.

12. Post interesting, helpful, vetted stuff. Don't post bullshit. It won't fly if you start saying things like all DSers stink. You'll find yourself in R&R faster than you can say dumbass.

13. Don't be a cheapass. There are professionals who hang out here for shits and giggles and support. Quit trying to score a free house call. Spend a dime and call your own doctor. If the pros are here, they are off duty so knock that shit off.

14. Don't assume, and then act on the assumption, that every negative post by someone you don't like, or who you think doesn’t like you, is actually ABOUT you. That other poster may be "fortunate" enough to have encountered more than one liar/con artist/grifter/sociopath/ingrate/person unable to follow directions/etc. in his/her life, and may be writing about the other person this time. If you were not named, it just might not be about you. But if the shoe fits – ask yourself why.

15. Angel reports...just post that everything is okay. Once the person can post for themselves, they can share details.

16. Fifteen rules is enough for any thinking adult. If you need more guidelines than this, perhaps you shouldn't be considering WLS in the first place.

Suicide Threats

These forums are NOT an appropriate place for threats to commit suicide, hurt yourself, or self-injury. If you are feeling suicidal, contact a professional suicide counselor immediately by telephone. A website that lists suicide crisis centers and emergency hotlines in the United States can be found at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Any posts that threaten suicide will be reported to the proper authorities and those threads will be removed

We reserve the right to make changes to this at any time.

These are the rules that came with the software.

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