Help me alleviate some pre-op concerns!


Officially a DSer. Surgery 3/23/21
They found I had a large hiatial hernia when I had my scope done. They fixed it when I had my DS done.
The hiatal hernia causes reflux, but like you I never noticed any symptoms.
I also think the reason you don't see a lot of long term DS patients on these boards is because they don't really need the support. They are fine, and just living their lives.

I am very thankful for the few long term DSers willing to give their time to support new DS patients like you and I.
I don't regret getting the DS and if I could go back in time I would have done it 20 years sooner.
You may not think you are losing quality of life because you are overweight, but you are. It happens subtly one day you can tie your shoes then one day you just buy a pair you can slip on to avoid having to tie them. You do it for convenience, but a few years down the road you realize you can't even tie your shoes if you wanted to.
I always fell back on the I'm still healthy. I do 5k fun runs with family and I didn't have health issues, until I did. First it was a torn meniscus and the revelation I have bone on bone in my knees. Then my blood pressure went up a bit then I started down the type 2 diabetic road. That is when enough was enough. I thought I could avoid all the health issues because I was active, but I was wrong.
Take care of it now. You will be happy you did.
I could always lose weight, but I couldn't keep it off. I would low carb for 2 weeks and lose 10-15 pounds then 1 weekend "cheating" gain it all back. Now I eat low ish in carbs and if I cheat it costs me a little, but I can get back on track. The swings are so much more manageable post DS.


Officially a DSer. Surgery 3/23/21
Oh and I am a stomach sleeper my whole life too. I slept in the recliner in the living room some and in our guest bedroom kind of on my stomach kind of on my side with pillows all around me and that worked kind of. Now that I am healed is fine I'm back to sleeping on my stomach.
I was nervous about surgery, but it went fine. Now I have a new fear to put my nerves into.... Once I finish losing all the extra weight I will likely need skin surgery. That is a very long surgery and scares the crap out of me.


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Oh and - not sure if it means much or not but I guess the surgeon found some degree of acid damage or something when he did the scope. I can't remember exactly as I had JUST woken up and my wife hadn't been brought into the recovery room yet so my memory is rather foggy. But I do remember that he told me to stop eating spicy foods and prescribed some Prilosec. I don't know if that is particularly common or not? I thought I read that it's common to prescribe something similar post-op to try to minimize acid on your healing spots but I don't know. It looks like the prescription I was given is a whole year's worth so maybe they are just getting that started early or something? I'll be able to get a better idea once I get my EGD report and meet with the surgeon again.
They found ulcers when they did mine. I had to take Prilosec & the surgery was pp for a month.