Jumping jacks


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I'm all for stretching... but the original idea was bone density improvement.. for that you need impact.... or resistance

As to water aerobics.. well whadayaknow. I just started swimming laps again at the Y. It's been ~40 years since I last did it . I was about the same weight back then as I am now.Alas, 190 pounds draped on a 30 year old frame looks a lot better than that same weight on a 68 year old frame.

One good thing I seem to have lost most of my vanity in the interval.The other good news is I can still swim about an hour, just not the Australian crawl continuously... I am waterlogged most of the day afterwards

Any clues for chlorine dry skin?
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I have this DVD and it's been very helpful.

the only thing I don't like about it is it's TOO HARD - while she explains how later when you are out of pain you'll be doing actual strengthening at the same time she is doing more ab crunches than I have EVER been able to do, never mind at 58 years old and with back pain.

I think she truly underestimates how weak and inflexible many of us are!

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Thanks... just put a hold on it at my local library


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back in Nevada I was doing jumping jacks regularly for cardio - I did them on a mini trampoline for less impact, as my knees can't take high impact.. can't remember what I started with (a LOT less) but was doing sets of 50, maybe 4 of them, and inbetween did jogging for 20 minutes of movement total. the plan was to work up to 45, I think.

I enjoyed them and would like to start again. need another mini tramp.

Georgepds I have also heard it is the impact that strengthens bone but I think walking does this, too, through weight bearing.

I'd be interested to hear what else you hear about this exercise.

Been a while since i looked at this. I think the idea behind impact is the appearance of microfractures... when they heal the bone is that much stronger

The mechanism of bone density improvement with strength training has to be different... there are no micro fractures. Perhaps the bone responds to the increase stress at the tendon by growing

Having said that. I cannot recall any images of micro fractures... just dicussion

Here is a reference

The Effectiveness of Physical Exercise on Bone Density in Osteoporotic Patients

. "In general, therapeutic exercises for osteoporosis can be ranked in two types of activities:

Weight-bearing aerobic exercises, such as impact activities or any other exercise in which arms, feet, and legs are bearing the weight, (i.e., walking, stair climbing, jogging, volleyball, tennis and similar sports, Tai Chi, and dancing).

Strength end/or resistance exercises, in which the joints are moved against some kind of resistance, in the form of free weights, machines, tubing, or one's own body weight [9].

However, it is still not clear which exercise is the best suited and how long it would take to obtain an appropriate result"


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Omg! I never saw this thread and I just found her...about a week or two ago. I didn’t exactly ENJOY her exercise routine, but I hated it way less!

Because of my spine issues, I can do only a limited number of exercises. I’d LOVE to compile a “mix tape” of her shows aimed at not bending...or random exercises from various tapes.

She‘s on over-the-air tv (public tv, maybe) here, but at some ungodly hour..
As to not bending....... these guys agree with you

The Effectiveness of Physical Exercise on Bone Density in Osteoporotic Patients

"The progression of the exercise must always be respected, and, in patients with severe osteoporosis, the activities involving the flexion or rotation of the trunk must be avoided."


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I just did my second day of water aerobics. It will whip you without hurting your joints.

Helps BMD too

McMahon M. What impact does aquatic therapy have on bone density in postmenopausal women? If it has a positive or maintenance effect, what are the programme parameters that facilitate these outcomes? Aqualines 2017;29(1):8-21.[14]​
The majority of the studies reviewed support a trend showing that exercising in water can be useful in at least maintaining, or improving, various measures of bone mineral density (BMD​


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I am lazy and hate exercise. What motivates me is being done faster. I think that's why I gravitate towards things that are high impact like running/jumping rope. Since this thread I have started doing jumping jacks too.