Enhanced Malabsorbtion and No Carbs


Full of Fairy Dust
Big sigh of relief, it's over. The only casualty was our router. Casey, the big powerful Doberman, freaked out and tried to get behind a desk to hide. Well, we think he pulled on a cord, caused a fluctuation in power and it fried our router. $300 down the drain. Replaced it and the new one is up and running. We are going to use a rental from Cox for a while. The one that died was only a year old. Our doorbell/security camera is still down but everything else is up and running.

The fireworks were terrible as predicted. For about 12 hours. When I went out the next day the whole driveway and yard were covered with debris. But surprise, when we got home it was all cleaned up. I guess the neighbors who set them off came and cleaned up the mess. Or made their kids do it!

Cheat day was food paradise as usual. We had Chinese food. ice cream, and chili dogs. And 2 donuts. We wanted Great Harvest bread but nope. They were closed for the 4th on the 5th. Next free food day is Labor Day.
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