Anyone in Dallas/Ft Worth use Dr Alibhai or Dr Matin for their DS? If not who did u use in Texas?


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Hi! Good to see you here! As you already know, I've never heard of these surgeons, but maybe someone else has, or has another suggestion for a DS surgeon in TX.

Leeayn Byrd

I am in DFW - and not a name I have ever heard.

Your best bet for Texas -
Dr Ayoola in Denton.

Anyone else you use will probably sell you a bill of goods

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I've read several of your posts and I really don't think that right now you're a good candidate for EITHER surgery!

No offense, but you really don't have enough GOOD information. AND either surgery demands vitamin and mineral supplementation and those things aren't free...and...if you are in a place where $1000 is impossible to find, you might be tempted to skip needed supplements.

(Also, those screenshots were probably NOT "a government article." They are probably scholarly articles posted on a government website. Big Difference.)