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Talking to Your PCP About the DS

Discussion in 'Duodenal Switch' started by DianaCox, Dec 31, 2013.


    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    I did tell my new PCP. But I also took him a copy of my previous lab work as well as other documents about the DS. I was his first DS but his nurse is a RNY'er out about 9 years so he is somewhat familiar with WLS. Since I found him, he's added two more DS'er's...my husband and a friend.

    I don't bother with a HSA as we don't have one, on Medicare...it's just easier to budget for vitamins.

    I use the Kirkland Daily multi...it's what was in Vitalady's package and while we didn't have a Costco near us when we started but we do now so we just buy it ourselves. About $15 for a bottle of 500. At three a day, it works out to a dime a day for my multi's.

    hilary1617 First time at the rodeo.

    Fantastic! Thank you so much!!!
    Angela Morgan

    Angela Morgan Member

    Thanks for the info! Was informational for me as well.

    Razbry Well-Known Member

    I have a PCP appointment in a month, and I was doing my usual thing of "communicating" with him before hand. I thought maybe this style might be helpful to some of you. So here is the letter I took in today to give to his nurse.


    It Looks like I can’t get in to see you until the 2nd week of March, which is OK because I’m feeling great. However, I thought I should tell you about a couple changes I made before then.

    · Calcitrol: It is based in coconut oil. Since I don’t absorb any oil it will not help me. I’ve discontinued it.

    · Vit. K: After my Vit K lab came back with a low value I got a call from your nurse informing me that you wanted me to discontinue my pill form of Vit. K, and try to get
    all I need through food sources. As I absorb between 0 – 50% of natural Vit K sources, there is no way for me to eat myself to a healthy Vit K level. I I continue to take Vit K1, and have added Vit K2. I’ve attached some interesting reading for you.

    · Labs: I’ve attached what I think should be ordered (at least) annually. Just so you know, my insurance will pay for anything you order. I’ve highlighted the tests I
    would like to see done every six months. It’s all your choice. I would, however, like it very much if I could get these labs done before I come in in March. It
    would mean one less appointment that would take up your time to discuss the labs, or at the very least, avoid having to talk to your nurse about the labs. I
    feel disconnected from you when I have to do that. If you chose to pre-order my labs, have someone call me so I can make an appointment to come in and
    get them done.


    I know my PCP reads everything I give him, but I don't like to overwhelm him with info. It's been a long learning curve for both of us, but we are getting there! My point is the encourage communication with you PCP anyway you can.

    GirlFriday Enjoying the journey

    I realize that I am late to the game in this thread, but I am in shock. My PCP recommended my surgeon, got copied in on all my test results, found me my counselor, and met with me last week for a check up and to make sure I am ready for surgery. We dicussed supplements, labs, and the B12 shots that I have to have.

    I just assumed that all PCPs were interested in their patient's health.
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    DianaCox Bad Cop

    "I just assumed that all PCPs were interested in their patient's health."

    Ahahahahahaha ... that was funny.
    Oh wait, you didn't mean that to be funny?
    Most of us have to fight to get our doctors to understand the DS and cooperate with our post-op (and post-surgeon) needs.

    GirlFriday Enjoying the journey

    Again, I am shocked. If you are in the Indianapolis/Carmel, IN area and are in search of a PCP, I highly recommend Dr. Daniel Crabb, MD. He has been there for me every step of the way with this decision. When I mentioned it to him that I was thinking of having the surgery, he got me all of the information and his office made my initial consultation appointment for me. When my insurance wouldn't pay for the psychologist at the Bariatric Center, his office helped me find another counselor that was in my network.
    Like I said before, I am a week away now but, at two weeks away, he scheduled an appointment for me for a general check up and he wanted to see if I had any unanswered questions or if there was anything that I needed from his office before I had the surgery.

    I believe that I am very lucky. I guess I just didn't know it before.
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    star0210 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'd say you a VERY lucky!!
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    Will2014 Well-Known Member

    If this doctor turns out to be as good as he seems, you need to sing his praises loud and clear for all to hear. I'm sure some have looked at postings here about this Dr. or that, and might come away thinking folks here are being too critical or mean. Nothing could be farther from the truth! We are all DESPERATE to find excellent doctors who actually listen to their patients, perform the surgery they promised, are knowledgeable and skilled in performing said surgery, and are capable at managing the post DS procedure pt.'s unique challenges. When we find such a one, we quickly add him/her to an approved list and recommend them highly. They are a rare breed and well deserve to be promoted for their excellence.
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    Marie H.

    Marie H. New Member

    Thank you for the list, I'm going to use this when I do my next set of vits, which will probably be in 3-6 months since I'm very low in my Vit D and A, I don't want to go another year in between, since they are deficient right now.

    danadear Member

    Hi Diana,
    This is the very paper I took to my PCP and they said they couldn't do all the tests because they were not in their system. Ugh! frustrating! I am in the process of seeing if my hematologist will order the test for me. It's too bad we need a doc to order these for us. I am wondering however, why Vitamin E & K are not on the list.

    DianaCox Bad Cop

    Almost NOBODY is ever low on E, even DSers, so Rabkin removed the test from his yearly labs. I get K1 tested, but it is all over the place and seems very inaccurate, and apparently there's no commercial blood test for K2. I just supplement twice a week with Vitalady's dry K1and K2 and figure that's better than nothing.
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