Sunday Weigh In (3/1/20)


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Last week 149 (was returning from vacation)
Today 141.4

Tomorrow I see a new doctor about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in pellet form inserted into the backside because the Progestone pills I’ve been taking since 2017 aren’t working so well anymore.

I am nearly half the BMI I was when I started my bariatric journey. All my furniture is now uncomfortable and I ordered a butt cushion for my recliner. :)


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Before my plastic surgery I was 155lbs they took 10lbs of skin and when I got home my weight was 175lbs! :eek:
As of this morning I'm down to 166lbs... How can I be up 20# when they took 10lbs? It's crazy. I'll keep on track and the swelling will keep going down and the number on the scale will follow! I want to be back to 155lbs for my next surgery!