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Seeking Protein Drink Like Click but w/o Caffeine

Discussion in 'Product Reviews & Promo Codes' started by Babette, Sep 13, 2017.


    Babette I'm the blonde mama on the right...

    Wows, I love Click but it's full of caffeine! Can anyone recommend protein drinks that are as good but without the speed? Also, are we supposed to be drinking whey or soy protein? Many thanks! Babette
    DS fan

    DS fan Well-Known Member

    My favorite is ready to drink premier protein shakes.

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    Early on, I drank whatever protein I liked and could afford...I didn't even check how much caffeine something had. Since Click has coffee in it, it is of course gonna have caffeine unless they have a decaf version. But then I never liked protein in my coffee. I prefer coffee to taste like coffee, not protein.

    There is a protein coffee on here somewhere. You can make it with Decaf: http://bariatricfacts.org/threads/food-journal-fri-4th-april.1073/page-2#post-15450
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    Caitlunn Well-Known Member

    Also, whey is your best bet as far a protein drinks. Whey isolate, specifically, since it is the most bioavailable. Though I'm also a big fan of the premier shakes, which are a whey concentrate. Isolates tend to upset my tummy.
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    Munchkin Full of Fairy Dust

    Just curious! Why no caffeine?

    People jaw on and on about complete protein and how we HAVE to do whey. Partly true and partly baloney. So what does matter? If you are actually living on shakes you need to make sure they are meal replacements so you get your salts/electrolytes that are necessary to sustain life. Shakes labeled as supplements are meant to be consumed by people who are eating a regular diet and getting their salts through food. Those salts are a lot more important than complete or incomplete protein!

    Complete proteins contain all the amino acids you need. If you are living on your shake the complete protein thing needs to be considered. If you are eating food, it's not nearly as important if you are missing a few amino acids because you will pick them up from what you eat. No one lives in a perfect world and everyone runs short on this or that every day. As a matter of fact your body can manufacture 13 of the 22 amino acids so that leaves you searching for only 9 of them.

    Whey is complete protein. However, many people think it tastes and smells like week old roadkill. So they look for something that tastes better or at least doesn't give them the heaves. There are lots of protein supplements out there that taste better than whey. The next rub is the carb content. The more sugar you put in something, the better it tastes. But carbs are bad news for us! So for people who want to use shakes the balancing act is grams of protein vs carbs vs a taste you can tolerate.

    Munchkin Full of Fairy Dust

    I bet click tastes good. I looked it up. The regular one is a meal replacement and click active is a supplement. The vanilla latte one has 11 carbs vs 16 gr protein(the protein is calcium caseinate). To get 80gr protein would be 5 servings a day and 55 carbs per day. And it would cost $25 for 3 days worth. I will see what their deals are on samples. Would like to try it. Have heard of it before.

    Well, shipping was $3 and that ate up all the savings on the samples. Will have to look for it locally.

    Checked ebay and they have decaf!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/CLICK-Espre...619530&hash=item2a8aa281f0:g:NBUAAOSwP2FZjz4C
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    Settledownnow Well-Known Member

    It is really a matter of personal taste. What works pre-op for you may taste horrible post-op. Whey protein is best absorbed, but not everyone can tolerate it. Some people do better with egg protein. I try to use protein that contains stevia rather than artificial sweeteners. Do your research and try lots of samples to find a few you like. Just know your tastes may change post-surgery.

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