Palm Noodles


Full of Fairy Dust
These were available at my local Smith's store and I have seen them online too. They came in a 2 serving pouch and they smelled sort of like shiritaki noodles(ick). I dumped them in a colander and rinsed them really well. Then I let them drain for about a half hour and dumped them into a skillet. I put the skillet in the oven(oven was off) and let them dry for the rest of the day. Put the skillet on the stove and added some butter and a few flakes of garlic. I probably cooked them for 15 minutes. Then I added red sauce and meatballs. Simmered the whole thing for a 1/2 hour. They did become less al dente as they cooked. 4gr carbs per serving.

Overall, they were better than expected. I think they are better than shiritaki noodles. They are not slimy and the finished product is not stinky. Other uses that came to mind, I would try them in tuna casserole and soups. Better than expected!