Kim Bariatric Institute - Dr David Kim, Colleyville, TX


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Unfortunately, we need to get the hamsters lined up to send out letters to potential listees ... it is a big task. So don't hold your breath. We have a website, we have a draft of a questionnaire and a letter - but they need to be tweaked, and email addresses need to be tracked down and collected.

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I know we try to avoid "sending" lambs to the slaughter, so we make it possible for people to find things like this.

( @Leeayn Byrd in case anyone else is asking.)

From Kim's appeal...

" against Kim concern his misconduct and participation in a cover-up intended to cause Hoyt and his family to believe that Kristine's death was caused by a pre- existing condition rather than the negligence of her healthcare providers. Cooperman opined that Kim breached the standard of care when he re-dictated his operative report after the surgery in an attempt to avoid responsibility for a fatal technical error, and created an operative report that inaccurately documented his operative findings. In particular, Cooperman explained Kim's report stated Kristine's aorta was "tortious," even though subsequent autopsy findings showed the aorta was normal. Cooperman also stated that Kim's operative report repeatedly referred to the aortic injury as a "rupture," but Cooperman stated the "stellate injury" seen upon opening Kristin's abdomen is what would be expected from a trocar injury. According to Cooperman, no reasonable surgeon could have concluded there was any possible cause for Kristine's fatal aortic injury other than trocar injury."


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Holy shit, SB!

It occurs to me that PACER accounts could come in handy.
Well, they might.

This was just plain old Google...his name and the word "malpractice." What is disturbing is that those find-a-doc sites don't list it, nor does the state licensing board.

Leeayn Byrd

I only know what I hear from his patients. I know a few of them. One he promised DS and she came out with sleeve only. That was Thanksgiving 2013, and said he hadn't done a DS yet.....
More on FB - one posted the other day, her CC is 300 (red flag for me, the 300's I have read about are not DSers)......
One said she point blank ask and she was going to be his 11th DS, that was about a month ago......
then some of his followers (I swear they work for him, their post are always "glowing advertisements") swear he has been doing them since 2012.

I know one friend from high school, she used him for the sleeve in July 2012,
I don't refer anyone to him and try to steer them away, when possible.
His claim to fame - sleeve and Nate Newton (former Dallas Cowboy)


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Negligence and cover-up at its best. There is a reason I am picky about whom I recommend and whom I do NOT recommend. This pretty much sums it up. Let's start with the fact that the patient didn't even know someone other than Dr. Kim would be performing the operation. Then, regardless of surgical procedure, not recognizing the AORTA is a big deal. Finally, re-dictating the operative report is irrefutable evidence of a cover-up. If they are smart, they will settle because this will not end favorably for them in front of a grand jury.


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"If they are smart, they will settle because this will not end favorably for them in front of a grand jury." Not exactly.

Settlement is something that happens in civil trials for malpractice - before regular juries. Grand juries are convened to indict people for major crimes. Different things altogether. Depending on whether forgery is charged, the case COULD be litigated in both venues.


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Sounds like they falsified records when they messed with dictation of a medical record. That's suspicious, as @slimshady said. You don't change medical records, you only add to them. Altering them is falsifying records.

Even a 12 year old could recognize the aorta. It's freaking HUGE. And WHO was checking the pulse in his extremities during and after surgery? That's someone's JOB.


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Oh I see - a DIFFERENT case of Kim's malpractice - but another case of damaging an aorta during surgery, only with FATAL results (and Kim was the actual surgeon in that case).

Kim and his colleagues have issues with identifying and protecting the aorta??


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The aorta in the general area of the stomach is huge. About an inch in diameter. Biggest blood vessel in the body. No doctor should ever mistake it for something else. And it's not easy to accidentally 'nick' either. Big arteries are thick walled and tough. Spleen and liver? Friable tissue that's easy to 'nick'. The aorta? NEVER.

Maybe I can help the non-medical folks understand how grave this is. It's like taking your dog to the vet to be neutered. When you pick him up he is missing 2 testicles and one of his hind legs. You ask the vet what happened and he/she tells you they thought that leg was a third testicle.....