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Does this apply to all bariatric surgeries? If so can someone tell me if my numbers are right? Math is certainly not my forte...

I am 196 pounds now, going from band to sleeve on Wednesday. With band I reached 150 at my lowest and stayed there quite a bit. Slowly made it to 162-165 and stayed there until 2 years ago when i got unfilled so now back to 196.

According to BMI tables a 25 BMI at 5 feet is 128 (HA!). So 196-128 is 68 pounds excess weight.
So I should shoot to be:

179 lbs at 2 months (196-17)
162 lbs at 6 months (196-34)
156 lbs at 1 year (196-54)
While it applies to ALL surgeries, it's not an exact science. YOUR body will do what it wants. Just do your best. And after your surgery, STAY off the scale except for doctor appts for the first 3 months.


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Thank you. I just thought it was a good tool in keeping an eye on things to see if I am on track. It certainly seems feasible which is actually a relief so glad I saw this post :)


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by Carolyn M.
Two people, both 6 months post-op. One has lost only 63 pounds and feels bad about her "slow" weight loss. The other has lost 96 pounds and thinks she's doing great.

They are both wrong.

Person A had only 105 excess pounds, so she has already lost 60% of her excess weight. She is actually ahead of the game at 6 months out and is on track to lose it ALL.

Person B had 265 excess pounds. At 6 months out she has only lost 36% of her excess weight. At this rate, she will end up retaining 28% of her excess weight, enough to keep her in the obese category.

See what I mean? Don't compare pounds to pounds, that's like apples and oranges.

Percent of excess weight lost: pounds lost divided by total excess pounds
Use a BMI of 25 as a goal weight

On track to lose it all is 25% lost after 2 months, 50% after 6 months, and 80% at one year.

Please note: These are averages. Your mileage may vary.
I know this is an old post but Im purposely bumping it bc so many of us newbies need to read this. We get frustrated with what we perceive as our slow rate of weight loss, especially those who were revisions. Viewing the weight loss from this perspective makes alot of sense.


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I thought what @southernlady wrote really helped me thing about this

This chart might help. (and notice, these are not by pounds but percentages)!
2 weeks - 5-10%
6 weeks - 10-15%
3 mos - 20-30%
6 mos - 45-55%
12 mos - 60-70%
18 mos - 75-85%
I'm 89% down at 10.5 months out.
This is very helpful!!! Thanks for sharing