Experiences with A Lighter Me or Obesity Control Center?

Hi everyone,

I'm unable to afford WLS in the US, it's just a sad reality. I'm in the process of researching credentials and experiences with surgeons in Mexico and I *think* I have things narrowed down to A Lighter Me and/or Dr. Ariel Ortiz at OCC.

OCC plus side: He's got the bariatric surgery certification vs. just the general surgery certification, though many surgeons in the US and elsewhere do surgeries without specific certifications in all their areas.

OCC down side: He's a tad more expensive than what I have to spend, and he doesn't let your companion stay the night with you in the hospital and I'd be nervous to be without a companion.

ALM plus side: Lower price (price is a factor, unfortunately, it's just a reality-our furnace will need replaced next winter so saving $1500 is helpful, though I'd never put price above safety) a huge support group on facebook with hundreds of active patients that praise the experience and post before/after pictures.

ALM negative: The surgeons are not bariatric surgery certified, just general surgery certified (again, is this a huge deal? It just means they haven't taken the test to get the certification, but they have a ton of experience...but why wouldn't they just take the test?)

It's a hard choice. I'm wondering if any of you have any insight or experiences with these two?


Bad Cop
Pick your surgery FIRST. If you want a DS (and you should), there is ONLY ONE Mexican surgeon - Dr. Esquarra. Search on this board to learn about him (he's in Mexicali, I believe).

Cheap and surgeons in Mexico should not be used in the same sentence. This is your LIFE you are talking about.
I'm planning on getting the sleeve, and I totally agree about the cheap/Mexico thing...I should have clarified that I meant cheap by Mexico pricing standards. I won't go to the super cheap surgeons just based on price, I'll pay more for quality and credentials. :)