Baking Soda Taste in Mouth?

Does anyone know what might cause a constant taste of baking soda from your throat into your mouth? I get it for a few days at a time, it disappears for a little while, and then back it comes!
I have been having the same problem.I was recently diagnosed with a peptic ulcer.I don't have any heartburn right now just that bad baking soda taste that comes and goes.
Sweet of you to ask, Lauren :). I'm kinda back, but not sure how often atm. Update coming!
Some are not actually baking soda, but a mimicking chemical concoction, I try to get a well know and established brand like Arm & Hammer and then check if itself is not an imitation. There are a lot of packaged foods that mimic real products but are not. Constantly updated labelling rules allow them to get away with these imitations.

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