Your help is needed - Ask your surgeon to post his/her data on DSFacts!


Bad Cop
Dec 30, 2013
San Jose
Here is an update about the DS surgeon's list project:
  • DSFacts has had a major update to the surgeons list - the old list is down, replaced by a new list which requires that the surgeon HIM/HERSELF answer a questionnaire.
  • So far, only a few surgeons have responded - PLEASE CONTACT YOUR OWN SURGEON and suggest that s/he go to this page: upload_2014-10-20_9-24-38.gif and answer the questionnaire.
  • The list on DSFacts will not be "vetted" or "curated" by DSFacts - but we are going to have a separate list elsewhere for doing that - once a critical mass of DS surgeons responds.
  • We will provide the list of names and email addresses we have collected to DSFacts for them to contact the surgeons who have not responded, but it is up to the site owner what to do with it - we may send out a notice of the site ourselves if he doesn't use it, because we want to leverage the data from DSFacts to create our separate list.
There are still a few glitches on the first draft of the new page - surgeons are listed by first name instead of last, and the geographic locator for ex-US surgeons isn't working (Arellano is listed in Spain!), but they are working on it.
Bumping - four more surgeons have joined, including mine after I poked him to join up. PLEASE PROD YOUR SURGEONS TO JOIN THE LIST, EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM - WE WANT TO SEE THEIR DATA!

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