Whats your BMI now?


Yankee gone south
My highest was 63, today I am 8 months out and at 39. It's crazy to have come this far and still be where so many of you have started out. I feel like I'm hot to trot these days :tongue:

ETA- forgot to add I had DS
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JJ The Jet Plane

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I would have to lose 50 more pounds to not be obese, so I feel like the BMI chart is way off for heavyweights like EN said. I will not get there without winning the lottery. Ive accepted that I may stay this size, I may lose a little more I may gain a little more but I would consider losing a person who qualifies for wls a success.. that is mind blowing enough. I can't imagine carrying all that weight on me now. I am still always trying to lean to open doors, it just does not work these days. Post op life is funny.


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Was 59 at time of op. Got down to 33.
10 years on it is now 37.

Wow that hurts to read. :-( In saying that if I knew then what I know now I am fairly certain I would have reached a far lower BMI and stayed there.
I hate being one of the few who skews the great DS stats!


Aug 2017
highest ever: 49.3 (stopped checking in when I hit 310+)
decision day: 44.5
day of VSG: 42
lowest post VSG <21.5 (boney!!)
now: 24-25.. depending on the week/month. No plastics, plenty of panni & skin. I'm always chasing about 7-10lbs that would easily come off, IF I stopped being hedonistic and frankly, lazy.. so I guess "chasing" isn't the right word, just been comfy here but I prefer to be around a 23BMI.. with more muscle, less fluff.