Upper GI- Barium swallow


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I am having an upper GI/barium swallow test on Monday due to probable esophageal spasms. I am having random intense pain that causes vomiting. It usually resolves in 10 minutes or so. My doc suspects it is caused by my hiatal hernia and acid reflux. I was told to "eat lightly" the night before the test and NPO (no water!!) day of the test.

Is this enough prep for us? Is there anything else I should know?


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That should be enough prep. The stomach empties in less than 8 hours (though fat empties more slowly than other foods). And you should be able to eat and drink as soon as the test is done. Good luck!


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good luck, I hope they find out it is something fixable.
If the doc's hunch is right, he said it is just a matter of finding a safe medication for acid reflux and that would stop the spasms. Of course, if I cut back on coffee that would help. It is actually really painful and twice I wondered if I was having a heart attack (but I dismissed it because the pain resolves within several minutes) and he said many people with this go to the ER with that exact thought due to the intense pain!


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I was dealing with something similar for a while. It turned out, after a lot of diagnostics, I was having panic attacks.

I hope all went well for you!