List of DS surgeons

surgeon: Dr. John "Jack" Ditslear with Community Hospital North Bariatrics and Medical Weight Loss Center (Indianapolis, IN)
email: [email protected]

Dr. Ditslear performed my RNY to DS revision in June 2018. I was his first solo RNY to DS revision and I don't have any long term complications but I was in the hospital for 2 months with sepsis after a leak developed 2 days post-op. There are other surgeons in the Center that list revisions as a specialty but they do not specifically call out DS surgeries on their site.

The Center was really excellent to work with - all of the staff from nutritionists to front office and the physicians are thorough, well informed and compassionate, with the exception of their psychologist (Dr. Stote) - he seemed more invested in degrading me, challenging my research and knowledge and discouraging me - it looks like he is no longer with the center though. He seems to move around from Weight Loss Center to Weight Loss Center frequently and does not have good reviews.

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