I am a lightweight


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Hi. Lightweight here too I guess. I am 11 days out today and down 21 lbs. I am 58 yrs old and my weight was 248 when I came home from the hospital. At 5' 3" I am hoping for 120-130 at the end of this journey.


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Light weight here. Starting bmi at 40. I hada lot of pain from the hips down and high cholesterol and that's it. The thing is diabetes goes back three generations for me. I'm convinced I was going to be the fourth. I chose the ds because of that. You do not have to be mo in my family to be diabetic either. So even if I got the sleeve and lost all the weight, I'm sure I would end up being diabetic. I guess you could say I got the ds to prevent diabetes. That is hard for a lot of people to swallow. I also will admit that I hated myself mo. Yes, part of my decision to get the ds was because it is the most effective surgery and I wanted the best chances of staying normal weight. I'm a little vain and yes, I'll admit it, I want to be what society considers pretty. I hate saying that, but it's honest.
I was wondering now that you are not mo do you love yourself?


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@Kathy26 I think your best bet is writing a post introducing yourself, then asking some questions. People are able to give answers better if they know who they're responding to- ex. what stage pre or post-op are you? What surgery are you looking into? Where do you live and do you already have a surgeon in mind? Etc. etc. etc.


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Ok so I schedueled my surgery for March 26 with Dr Ungson. My bmi is about 36, I suspect more but have not been weight in a long time. I have been told by some my bmi is too low to have the DS? One even went as far as I hope you don't die. I have 100 pds to loose, so I am not understanding where they get this info? I am scared but ready. I am doing soon so I don't chicken out, lol. So I want to know how many lightweights here have the DS ? I hope this is ok?