I am a domestic goddess!!!


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Not really, but today I made big pans of moussaka and minimal pasta lasagne to freeze in portions to encourage me to eat my protein. It only took four trips to three grocery stores and two hours.

Cooking for one sucks, so it can be hard to get motivated, especially when I eat so little of whatever I make. Also made me reflect that one of the few things I learnt in high school that I regularly use are my Home Ec cooking skills.

Any good recipe suggestions for things to make in bulk?


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Nope, I am a good solid southern cook...my adventurous side is non existent in the kitchen. I do a good chicken fried steak and a pork roast. Not much into things like lasagna as noodles hate me now but I use to love it.

But we do have other good cooks...esp adventurous ones.


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Not much into things like lasagna as noodles hate me now but I use to love it.
I only used one layer of pasta, and it's been fine so far. The bigger drama was the box of lasagne sheets I bought was full of weevils - necessitating a fourth (!) trip to a grocery store downstairs to return them. Needed all three grocery stores nearby to assemble my ingredients.


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What is your moussaka recipe?

I've made shepherd's pie in muffin tins to freeze. Google muffin tin meals and you can find a lot of recipes. One muffin tin meal is about the right size for us. Muffin tin quiche is also good and works from breakfast too.


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I am really serious about bulk cooking! Tomorrow is tomato sauce day. I make 1 basic sauce, freeze portions, and then add to it for different dishes. Here's the recipe. 2 6lb cans of tomato sauce, 1 6lb can of tomato paste, 1C olive oil, and 2 heads of garlic, sliced. Put the oil and garlic in a 20qt pot and cook till the garlic browns. Then add the cans of tomato, cover with a splatter screen, and cook for several hours.

For Mexican dishes, I add bay, onions, cumin, cilantro, and chilis/peppers. For Italian, bay, oregano, basil, green peppers, onions, and usually mushrooms. I also use it for pizza sauce on a no-carb crust or a low carb tortilla. I use it in dishes like soups and stews too, just smaller portions.

I am doing lasagna tomorrow too. I usually make it once a year in a huge roasting pan. Then I freeze individual portions. Love lasagna!

I get my ground beef from Zaycon Foods. 40lb case and its fresh and much better than what you get at the store. Probably isn't an option in your exotic location but I bet there are different deals in your area like fresh seafood! Reading your post reminded me to get some blocks of Mozz out of the freezer for the lasagna too!


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I have a tiny freeze in my tiny apartment, so I think it's gonna have to be a monthly endeavour. I love the sauce idea, though!