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Aussiemummabear So, here is the thing about MX. There are good doctors and bad doctors. I almost went to a Dr that seemed like a good doctor (has good reviews on Obesity Help, etc) and turns out he almost killed someone and lost his hospital privileges and I had to dig very deep to find this out. His looked really good and I talked to him and thought he was fine.

Here is the the thing I figured out. I don't know enough about choosing a doctor for this in MX (or anywhere else for that matter) and the only people I ended up trusting were the people on this board and on the FB groups. I figured they know what they are doing. Thank goodness, that Larra found me and pointed me here. This board has been so helpful in my journey. But the best was that people here know how to choose a doctor and helped me.


pre op here but been researching for a couple of years. in mexico, i would only go for Dr. Ungson, who has an excellent reputation, or Dr. Esquerra who trained with Ungson iirc. I'd been reading nothing but great reviews about Dr. Ungson and am now reading only positive reviews of Dr. Esquerra. so i regard them both highly. i am self paying too.
the other option is Dr. Marchesini in Brazil, who is a fantastic surgeon with a top notch record and reputation. He is super experienced and a very nice individual too. i heard Dr. Baltasar has retired (Ungson trained with him). so for overseas surgeries on a budget, i would only go with one of these three doctors. mexicali bariatrics is offering the DS for 9,999 right now, which is a thousand lower than their usual price and Ungson is doing the surgeries.
Thank you conceit. I did read your update the other day. Im so sorry about your circumstances, however i agree that if your head is not in the right place then you've made a very hard decision but likely very correct one. Most grateful for your response
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I just had DS surgery with Dr. Ungson in Mexicali and could not be happier. Patient care is great as is the level of medical attention. I was scared shitless to go but, am now 2 weeks out, and healing nicely.
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:dancing biggrin: congratulations on your surgery & thanks for popping in. Rest up & sip sip