Bowel Issues FYI


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I have no experience yet with a DS, (hopefully, soon), however, organic coconut water and fresh brewed sliced up organic ginger root tea (on the strong side) will clean the intestines out.
After the DS we generally don't need any help getting cleaned out. LOL


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Oh, I know. However, someone said that they are constipated. So the coconut water and ginger root tea was a suggestion.
Actually lots of people with the DS fight constipation primarily because iron and calcium can be very constipating. Drinking a great deal of fluid is required as well as a good balance of fat.

I don't get constipation in the fact that I can't go, but this redundant colon for which I was recently diagnosed leaves with a lot of crap in my colon. I feel like I am constipated even though I go several times a day and a large volume. Stuff gets caught in the xtra folds and kinks so I will have several days of large and softly formed movements, and then every 5 to 7 days I haver liquid and diarrhea like stools. Those clean out days as I call them are a blessing and a curse. I feel better with stomach discomfort when it is loose and I get fir the most part cleaned out, but it makes me incredibly run down and weak. At 178-180 on some days, when clean out day happens I can lose up to 10 pounds in 8 hours.

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FWIW...there are apparently two medical definitions of diarrhea.

REASONABLE doctors go with the consistency-urgency type definition and the lazy ones are SURE that if you have three or more BMs per day, you have diarrhea, a condition which needs treatment.

Many DS people have three or more BMs per day. It is their new normal and not a diseased state in need of treatment. I found the cutest little Italian gastroenterologist...but he was a lazy definition guy. So he was...dismissed.


Yes, that is chocolate covered bacon
Sargent Sue - don't ever change, please. You slay me!

Yeah I am a 2-5/6 per day dude aND rarely is it diarrhea. Yes on clean out days I get some but most the time it is not loose.

I never had to fire a short Italian dude.
How did he take it?