Sunday Weigh In (8/22/2021)


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LLW: 66.2kg / 146 lbs
TW: 67.3kg / 148 lbs

Still bouncing up and down, but probably not helped by a few too many summer spritzes and G&Ts! I took a spontaneous trip to the mountains on Saturday - only 2 hrs each way by an hourly train - to wander around and get out of the city for a bit. The town is called Sondrio, up on the Swiss border. I came home with a bottle of local red wine, and two local aged cheese to try. I keep fantasising about buying a place up here - one very liveable flat I saw in the real estate window was only €30K. It reminded me that I ought to look a bit more into walking in the area in that sweet spot between too hot and too cold weather.

My boyfriend may be taking a job near Frankfurt (actually in the town I went on exchange to in high school) and I know there's plenty of lovely walks there for weekend visits. Hopefully will hear in the next week. It's not exactly Milan, but it's a lot closer than Antwerp!

Some photos, clickable for better resolution:

Love the photos. You are holding steady.