Sunday Weigh In (8/11/2019)


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You’re really stable!

First half of July I was 114. Yesterday I
Was the same August 11. I’ve been lower and I’ve been higher, but as long as I continue to see this number I’m a happy camper! Still hard to believe. Three years and two months, but who’s counting?
LOL. You are doing great.


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I cant remember my last weight but this week 120. I cant believe i weigh that low. I'd be happy if i was healthy. I knew they pulled too much water off me
I feel you - I've been under 120 a time or two in the last 6 months and it's so hard to believe and it's scary, too. I used to think smaller was always better but now I know better. I just want to be healthy, too.

here's hoping we both get there - I know I am much better than I was and hope you improve, soon, too. :)