Sunday Weigh In (6/9/2019)


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This week 216.8

Just went down to 36 pants. Wife has some 34 inch jeans she picked up to wear at work until her uniforms came in. On a whim I tried them on. I can get them fastened with difficulty. So I'm not in them yet, but probably in a few weeks. Also stole one of her old long sleeve shirts for pajamas. She's complaining (in jest) that now I'm the small one.
LOL good for you.
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This week. 115

It’s been a crazy time. I can’t remember what I’ve shared last. I’m pretty sure I had told about my brother being hospitalized April 5. He was moved from Nashville to a Geri/Pych ward of our local hospital on April 22. Stayed there until May 18 when he was transferred to a skilled nursing home where he died on the 20th. I was with him as much as I could be, staying round the clock in the last days, going home to shower, change, etc. His dementia worsened by leaps and bounds while hospitalized and nearly overnight he went from being mobile with assistance to bedridden and unable to speak such that I could understand. He stopped eating much of anything and swallowing was gone. It is such a helpless feeling sitting beside a loved one and not being able to do more than hold their hand and stroke their face and tell them you love them. I’ve done this five times now with loved ones and can’t take many more times! He was my big brother, 10 years older than me but only 71. We have always been really close. He moved here a year ago April and we had such big plans we were going to do. We could tell he had medical problems almost as soon as he arrived. I found him a PCP and he was seeing her, then a stroke in October and the nightmare began. Things can change in the blink of an eye! His daughter made it to visit in time for him to know who she was, and once she left he only lasted about 4 days. Son didn’t come, they had some sort of stupid falling out a few years back. He was cremated and we’re having a graveside memorial service June 22 and we will bury his ashes in the cemetery next to where my husband and I will be. His daughter is coming and , get this, his son. Our sister will also come, she’s 2 years older than my brother.

So, I dealt with funeral home, wrote obit for hometown paper, made the necessary calls such as ins companies, cell provider, etc. I am on his bank account and savings and he owned no real estate, and I had his vehicle picked up by GM Finance back in February so only personal property to handle. He was renting a little house from a relative of my husband and they have graciously said to take our time and no further rent was to be paid as they have no plans to rent it. They only rented to him as a favor to us. So as soon as this service is over and company leaves I’ll have to get the house cleared out and sell the huge amount of power tools and hand tools he had and the household goods. Kids will only be here a few days and won’t be any help.

I’ve been so out of pocket for so long that this house is in bad shape! So much to do, not much time. Then the 5 grandkids come middle of July for 3 weeks. If it wasn’t for my DS I’d never be able to make it. Tomorrow is my 3 year surgiversary.

Thanks for listening, it is helpful to talk.

I’m glad you had time with him. Sorry for your loss.
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two days ago 120

what I said last week still goes

but I had been weighing after a meal or two and this week was on an empty stomach maybe? well, it was 2 days ago, I'm not sure but, as usual, I believe it is explained by my anxiety, which comes and goes.

wow, Liz, sounds like a great time! :)

I used to have that fear a lot, not so much lately. honestly not sure if it's gone for good or will be back; could go either way!

I'm glad to see you back, Whit, even if you aren't happy with where you are. I suspect you will have no trouble taking it off, especially since you are willing to take "however long it takes" - that strikes me as healthy.

I'm sorry to hear you aren't liking your job - I've had nothing but jobs I've hated for years and tomorrow I start one that I might actually...well, enjoy maybe? but at least not hate and feel is useful. but it's minimum wage! life is just hard, sometimes.
wishing you better times! :hug:

I'm sorry to hear this! :confused:

good for you, DonRobbie!!
Just keep trying to eat enough.
Had full set of labs early May. Everything looked pretty good - iron serum was on the high side, but not alarming and ferritin was also at the very high end of normal. D and Calcium were both low (same ones I’ve been struggling with since pre-op. A1C was less than 3. They actually sent it to a special lab to see if we could get an actual number bc the normal lab doesn’t qualify below 4.2. But it was still below the limit of quant for the new lab too. All other vites were good. bilirubin was slightly elevated (1.3) but not alarming to the Dr. Insulin and c-peptides were both low (which is astonishing with the low A1C). Triglycerides and cholesterol are both low- but always have been, even prepping. Overall the PCP isn’t alarmed at any of the results.

Have been alternating between constipation and diarrhea here lately with a lot of bloating and digestive discomfort on the lower end of things- have some upcoming appointments to try to get things back to “normal” a bit
As long as you are on top of your labs.