Just "found" the WiiFit.

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Haven't seen it in years. But I went looking for my mom's vintage costume jewelry and ended up coming in the house with the WiiFit stuff. (The Wii stuff is a LOT heavier.)

I just read some old reviews which explain that the exercise it provides is not "enough." I submit that it might just beat the hell out of my current activity level, to wit...sitting on the couch...almost all day.

If I recall, I liked the tennis game and boxing. Not big into yoga or anything that requires me to drop to the ground, because I tend to get stuck there.

I never hooked it up for its video capabilities...but I guess I could try.

Anybody else use one?


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while I've seen them, the only kind I've actually used is not the same brand. it's something they came up with just for therapy to use (so, it's 20 million times more expensive - seriously)

but if there is anything you liked, you should try it. move it or lose it!


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Anything that will make you move more is good! But no, I haven't used one.

My favorite move it tool is actually a fitbit. It tells me I am a slug.


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I played around with Wii about 8 years ago. There was a big controversy because "Miss Wii" or whatever her name is would squeal in her sing-song giggle voice "You're OBESE!" if you weighed too much, sending pre-teens into near suicidal despair and causing parents to threaten to sue. All the labels were medically accurate (You're overweight! You're obese!) but no one wanted to be chastised by their damn gaming system. At the time I was just ONE POUND below or I would have heard the You're overweight! zinger.

If you are doing zero exercise this is better than nothing but it isn't an intense workout, or at least the game(s) I had weren't.

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:ROFLMAO: that's excellent
Yes. Every other week, MiniSue's bf has custody of his 7-year-old. Her school starts at 8:00 a.m. The daycare there starts at 6:45 a.m. Unfortunately, MiniSue leaves for work around 4:30 a.m. and the child's daddy's boss needs him at his desk at 6:30 a.m., to service a big East Coast account. Annnnd....we live two blocks from her school. So Daddy drops her off here at 6:00 a.m.

And we get to play grandparents.

We feed her breakfast, review homework, force reading minutes on her, demand two minutes of tooth brushing and THEN, if she hasn't dawdled TOO MUCH, we have an activity. (Although, the currently most-banned books in US School libraries, the Captain Underpants series, has served as a great "activity," AND it counts for reading minutes!)

She Wii-ed this morning. I need to replace one control, which we JUST broke, so that she can do the boxing game and a few other things.

She can be a lot of fun...with moments of frustration thrown in. (If she gets pissy, we just take her to the school's daycare. It's only happened a couple of times...lol.)