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Hi to all.

I found this site while researching surgical revisions from VSG to DS. I'm hoping to learn lots of good information from everyone. Based on everything I've read here so far, I've requested a consultation with Dr. Keshishian. I had VSG in August 2016 that failed to produce any significant weight loss despite strict adherence to the nutritional advice I'd been given by my surgeon. I read an article by Dr. Keshishian that suggested perhaps VSG was not the best procedure for my personal medical history.

I have hope he will listen to me, rather than just dismiss me as 'another post-op who ate too much.'

I look forward to getting to know everyone.
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Hi there!
Dr. K is not only one of the best DS surgeons, he's also a fine person who will not just dismiss you out of hand. You will be taken seriously and treated with respect whether you decide to have surgery with him or not. Given that you never lost much weight it's possible that your sleeve wasn't done properly to begin with, so understand that you didn't fail, the operation failed you.


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Hi and welcome LAWoman ! You'll definitely be in great hands with Dr. Keshishian. Many / most of us with a history of obesity need malabsorption in addition to restriction. A smaller stomach is not enough. Sorry your first procedure failed you!


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Welcome and Dr. K is a great choice. Honestly, the sleeve is just another diet with a smaller stomach. The DS will serve you better by adding malabsorbtion.