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I’m in St.Louis Missouri area the only other group I found is Washington University Bariatric but will insurance cover another one?


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I’m in Saint Louis and had my DS at DePaul, didn’t like the Hospital but love my surgeon. Did you have Dr. L do your DS? I had Dr. Morales at SSM weight-loss and have a traditional DS with 100cm common channel.


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He’s over in IL at a tiny little practice. I don’t know what happened or why he had to leave but he helped me with some follow up care since I couldn’t drive out to DePaul. Then I went and saw him in IL once and he was a totally different person. His nice bedside manner was gone and he didn’t seem happy at all. I think Dr Morales might see you, he’s a really good surgeon.


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Cammi1012 I'm so glad someone here was able to recommend a potential resource for you. I hope Dr. Morales is able to help. Please keep us posted as you move forward. And thank you, LizJ