Food is frustrating.


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That sounds really good! I'm going to try it when I'm back from my trip. You might also want to look at scotch eggs - egg + pork sausage - great food to prepare ahead then snack on. I've also been making a lot of quiche and sous vide egg cups (like Starbucks) as my 'grab and go' options.

Here's one version of Scotch eggs:
I like these too! I just hate peeling eggs!


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If you do chicken/tuna with regular mayo and dill relish it's only 1 carb a serving. To be honest it took me a long time to eat, I could not keep up with the eating guide my surgeon sent home. I was at every stage longer, sometimes twice as long. But I hit my three year goal weight by 18 months. :sneaky:

Just take it slow and easy, enjoy the ride.