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Regarding cardiology clearance: I have two friends who had the DS after me. Both were my age (50+ at the time) and both were very high BMI, with a lifetime history of morbid obesity. EKGs are often inaccurate on MO people because of the layers of fat on the trunk.

The male friend had an abnormal EKG a few days before surgery, and they required him to have an angiogram the DAY before (he was traveling, and everything was set up, and his COBRA insurance was about to run out) - the angiogram surprisingly showed his arteries were in fact perfectly clear, giving him added confidence going into surgery.

The female friend had an abnormal EKG a few days before surgery, and they required her to have an angiogram - which detected a cardiac artery that was 95% blocked. If it had not been detected, she might have died on the table during her DS. They cleaned it out, put in a stent, put her on blood thinners for a couple of months, and then she had her DS.

Either way, an abnormal EKG is common in MO patients, and getting the results of the definitive angiogram can be a very good thing.


VSG October 2015
Thank you all. It has been a stressful couple of weeks but I got cardiac clearance yesterday. Surgery on Thursday October 1st.
Had normal EKG. Due to the fact that I had expressed chest pain in the past, the cardiologist did a 24 hour Holter, echocardiogram, and stress test as well. The Holter showed elevated heart rate twice during the day and a two second lull at night. He sent me to an electrophysiologist who did not think it was significant. The stress test exercise portion was normal but the images showed some possible blockage and the cardiologist initially wanted to do an angiogram but I ultimately had a CTA. He cleared me after that stating I was not at risk.
I don't have hypertension or high cholesterol and don't smoke. I spoke to a friend who is a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic here in Florida who explained the images obtained on stress test were calculated based on sound and often inaccurate in the obese and women due to fat and breast tissue. When I asked about the elevated heart beat and told her it had happened after meals she told my my hiatal hernia could very well be the culprit.
I feel better now that I have had testing and more confident about surgery. Thank you all for your continued support.


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Oct 1st - that's next week! You are almost there. Get yourself an angel so someone will let us know when you are out of surgery and doing ok. I'd volunteer but I have plans for that day, but I'm sure there is someone who could be a good angel for you.


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That's excellent news! Congratulations. I hope your recovery is quick and easy. take care of yourself


VSG October 2015
Met with my surgeon today. I am down 10 pounds I told him I had some pain in my incisions and that I had some pain in the ribs with deep breathing. My pulse was very elevated at 121. He told me that most likely means I am dehydrated. I am about 4 hours from home and he said he wanted me feeling mostly normal before I head home tomorrow as previously planned. I promised to drink a lot of water and text him in the morning and tell him if I feel better.
I just can't imagine feeling "normal" so soon...


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@VDLT Congratulations on making through surgery, the initial few days, and a 10 pound start! Sounds like you are doing well. Hope your pain is controlled and that, above all else, you get well-hydrated and stay that way. Best wishes!