9 Year Surgiversary


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Aha! Someone with actual information!
The benefits of being one of the Token Foreigners! ;)

Fun fact: the ESTA (at least in 2016) was for air arrivals only. I tried to cross from Canada to the US at the land border on the train back from surgery in Montreal, heading to New York. There, for some reason, I instead needed US$7 and to fill out a tiny form. *shrugs*


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And you SHALL camp out here.

If your plastics doc is in Tijuana, it's a two-hour drive. (Getting back, under current conditions, might just be impossible.)

But...here. Disneyland first, then the ocean, maybe the mountains depending on time of year, then plastics. While you recover, David is all mine. We will go to candy places!

Should I call you? The first time we spoke, you were pre-op, wandering around London, just about nine years ago, eh?
Oh call me when you’re free I would love to catch up