My Fitbit Died!


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And I know I lie to myself about activity. I went to buy a new fitbit and huge problem. They are no longer PC compatible. I can't find a single tracker at ANY price that works on a regular windows PC.

Does anyone know a tracker that works with a PC?


Full of Fairy Dust
I don't know anything about fitbits but if it's not compatible with your PC, how about with your phone? or maybe ask here?

I know that just using an app on my phone to track my steps is often very useful and motivating so I kind of get how you feel. whatever helps!

and why is tech so complicated, dammit.
That forum is one of the places I used. It appears NONE of the fitbits are PC compatible anymore. And they haven't exactly been open about their changes either.


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I don't mean to be totally flippant, it's just that I saw a cartoon about a Sitbit. That is definitely my plan. I was told that my knee replacement might be what I was hoping for. It is a big improvement, yet I was hoping for more mobility and less pain. (The pain occurs after doing to much walking. It's manageable if I just quit walking.
I hope you can find something to help you track your activity.