Helllllo again!


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I couldn't remember my old account to save my life, so here is a new account. It's great to see a lot of the same people around. I remember reading posts like this when I first started and here I am!

I'm 4+ years past my surgery and if you had asked me last week how I was doing I would have said perfect, except for a few little weird things and a string of stupid injuries. But I'm still the healthiest 56 year old my doctors have every seen, and they were not particularly interested in my weird bald patch or my left foot swelling occasionally. Everything was blamed on "getting older."

This week I got my blood tests back and I am Vitamin E deficient! OMG! I realized that when I switched away from centrums, maybe a year or two ago, the new pills Designed for Health, had much less (200 .vs. 50) but at the time I was taking a vision supplement that had a bunch of E in that, so I let it slide. Then I stopped taking that other pill, and a year'ish later... Trouble.

All my other numbers are good (except liver functions are high, as usual), so we caught it really early because this should lead to other numbers going out of whack as it blocks absorbtions. So, the annual blood tests did what they were supposed to do, catch my errors before they hurt me! Yea!

And I learned a lesson about not swapping around my pills without sitting down and doing all the calculations again. Every time. Without fail. Actually, I think I will make this an annual thing to do. Even if I can't remember changing anything. And this year my doctor fought me on the blood tests. He said he doesn't do them for his other bariatric patients, but I told him that not all surgeries require them, but mine absolutely does. He relented, but I wondered if he would next year at the time. Now he is probably a believer!

It has been very nice knowing that I could come here and get good advice any time, even if I didn't need it. And it is very nice coming back 'home' right now. Thank you all for all the support and love you give here. It matters, even when the people ghost out.