Effects of Prebiotics vs a Diet Low in FODMAP


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For those with GI problems, there is some indication that pre biotics help. Be warned of possible conflict of interest, the pre biotic studied is a commercial supplement .

The primary result both are equally effective in symptom reduction, except for flatulence . Might be some help to those of us who are struggling with such problems, but find it difficult to stick to a low FODMAP diet

Myself, I have not tried the supplement. For pre biotic I eat a cup of chickpea salad a day, for pro biotic, I use garden of life... seems to help

Effects of Prebiotics vs a Diet Low in FODMAPs in Patients With Functional Gut Disorders

Prebiotics and diets low in fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols (low-FODMAP diet) might reduce symptoms in patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders, despite reports that some nonabsorbable, fermentable meal products (prebiotics) provide substrates for colonic bacteria and thereby increase gas production. We performed a randomized, parallel, double-blind study of patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders with flatulence. We compared the effects of a prebiotic supplement (2.8 g/d Bimuno containing 1.37 g beta-galactooligosaccharide) plus a placebo (Mediterranean-type diet (prebiotic group, n = 19) vs a placebo supplement (2.8 g xylose) plus a diet low in FODMAP (low-FODMAP group, n = 21) for 4 weeks; patients were then followed for 2 weeks. The primary outcome was effects on composition of the fecal microbiota, analyzed by 16S sequencing. Secondary outcomes were intestinal gas production and digestive sensations. After 4 weeks, we observed opposite effects on microbiota in each group, particularly in relation to the abundance of Bifidobacterium sequences (increase in the prebiotic group and decrease in the low-FODMAP group; P = .042), and Bilophila wadsworthia (decrease in the prebiotic group and increase in the low-FODMAP group; P = .050). After 4 weeks, both groups had statistically significant reductions in all symptom scores, except reductions in flatulence and borborygmi were not significant in the prebiotic group. Although the decrease in symptoms persisted for 2 weeks after patients discontinued prebiotic supplementation, symptoms reappeared immediately after patients discontinued the low-FODMAP diet. Intermittent prebiotic administration might therefore be an alternative to dietary restrictions for patients with functional gut symptoms.

ClinicalTrials.gov no.: NCT02210572.

  1. a rumbling or gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines.


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Thanks for sharing. This is interesting. Will share with a colleague with Crohn's disease. Also, apparently should have waited to read the entire post before searching for "borborygmi" - kind of you to include the definition and definitely a new term for me!