Denver/Colo Springs Surgeon Recommendations?


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Asking for my sister— she has been struggling with her weight as long as I can remember (we both have). She isn’t as heavy as I was, but is around 220 on a small 5’2” frame. I had my DS about 2 years ago here in IL and would do it again in an instant, and is ready to make a change for herself. I think she was afraid of the judgement when people found out and now she has seen first hand that I have been super open about it with our family and even with her friends and the judgement is minimal.

But at any rate— she wants to start with a sleeve, she is a nurse and knows about the regain and everything else too, and thinks this is her way to go, figuring she can always revise to DS if needed.

So if anyone has a surgeon recommendation (or warning) for Denver or Colorado Springs where she lives that would be greatly appreciated.


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If a sleeve is how she wants to start, most surgeons have that one in their repertoire. But make sure she understands that it is pretty much a perpetual diet, and that depending on her insurance, she may have a "one WLS per lifetime (regardless of who paid for it).

But for a DS surgeon, she will HAVE to travel.


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She so pretty set on the sleeve. She feels like anything else is just too extreme. — who knows how she will feel 5 years in- she is pretty stubborn and convinced it’s her best option, I think she’ll regret not doing more. I’m not one to keep my opinions to myself so she knows where I stand on it. But I’m just the little sister and a bit biased bc I LOVE my DS.