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Jan 5, 2014
I take opioids…for a VARIETY of aches and pains. I cut down, when possible. But mornings would be hell without them.

I called my PCP, she sent in my new monthly Rx for 120 tabs (I never use them all and have quite a secret stockpile because I fear that something strange would happen…like just did.) They treat the pain related to ankle, knee, hip and lower back arthritis and other stuff. But even when I break my humerus or tear a rotator cuff or do other dumb stuff, I never exceed the original dosage.

My pharmacy, a small local company, called and said they could only fill 40. Not a law and not from my insurance, just their new policy. (Irritating, at best.) I didn’t argue and I asked to have the owner call me, but I also called a smaller compounding pharmacy MiniSue had luck with & spoke to owner. He really didn’t want my business because several of my prescriptions would cause him a NEGATIVE reimbursement and he’s not renewing any of his insurance contracts! But we chatted and I asked him if he could fill my Rx for cash. He checked and said he could, for $95/mo, but I should get a PAPER script. (That $95 would cover only about a week’s worth of cannabis, so I could live with that.)

I have good insurance and I didn’t get huffy with my original pharmacy. That was Friday.

It’s Monday. Phone just rang. My original pharmacy says that their owner says they can continue MY 120 tabs a month. (Screw everyone else?) They currently have only 40 on hand and it would be to my advantage to get the whole 120 at once. So, give them a week or so. And that’s why I hoard/stockpile/set aside the leftovers…expiration dates be damned!

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