Sunday Weigh In (5/2/2021)


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I have never had heart burn problems except during pregnancy and only cucumbers gave me indigestion pre surgery. I am taking it to help the healing process. I don't plan on taking it long term.
I am getting my routine down.... Take antacid and probiotic 5AM. Go back to bed till 5:30... Drink a protein shake... Get ready for work in between pooping (5 times) this AM and head to work about 7:15. At least I didn't have to stop to poop during my 45 min drive to work. I'm calling it a win!!! Then I don't go again all day so that is a plus.
I’m glad I’m retired. I’d hate to have to manage getting up at that hour.


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If you planning on stopping, you’re going the wrong direction.
Well I'm trying to mentally do so - it's just hard to eat more I guess, since I've been in an almost obsessive weight-loss mode for a few months now. I saw my surgeon today for a checkup - he was pleased with the results and just advised me to not worry about calories and just eat healthy foods - and limit 'indulgences' to a few times a month. I'll get there I guess.

He liked the idea of me doing keto. Keto makes stopping the weight loss a bit difficult though, since this diet is really effective at eliminating hunger.

I was 122.4 this morning.