SADI and informed consent: SADIsts please post!


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(Sorry about the moniker - it came to me as I typed the word ...)

One of the most troubling aspects of this surgery for me is that the vast majority of people who have received it seem to have been lacking in one or another aspect of informed consent. I would like to keep track of this - so please add your story to this thread and explain whether you felt you gave fully informed consent to this procedure or not:
  • No, I woke up and found out the surgeon decided to change procedures intraoperatively and with NO prior discussion whatsoever that I might end up with this procedure (or just did it without telling me)
  • No, he said he "might" have to so a somewhat different procedure, but I had no real idea what it was
  • No, because he said he was going to do a variation of a DS but told me it was almost the same, only "safer," and did not explain that it was not a DS
  • Yes - he explained everything, including that it was an experimental procedure with no long term results yet, and I agreed because (why? e.g., I was afraid of too much malabsorption?)
I would like to present this information to the DS surgeons group.

If you would like your information anonymized, please PM me and I will post it myself under a pseudonym for you.

THIS IS IMPORTANT, IMO, because too many of you seem to be surprised by what you got.

Please post whether your surgery was done under a US insurance policy, whether you were approved for a proper DS, and whether you think your insurance would consider it insurance fraud if they knew.

Please ask any SADIsts from other boards to contributed to this poll, even if they don't want to post here.

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love the moniker :).

perhaps down the road this will prove to be a good procedure....maybe an rny alternative? but this business of fully informed consent and true transparency isextremely troubling.


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Someone just posted this on another site - she just had surgery yesterday with Roslin, after getting into conflict with him about the "variation" he was trying to foist on her:

So his assistant came on to Check on me and I asked her about the ds and she acted weird. When I asked her out right about the ds she said the sane thing as Dr roslin told him and that was that I got everything I wanted. I asked her about the ds part and she said "he did what you wanted even though he has been doing the shorter procedure on everyone else"

Soo I think this should be noted in dr roslins info so people know cause he clearly has been doing the easier procedure as a matter of routine.

I'm sorry I know I expressed my unhappiness about the bait and switch but even though I got what I asked for it really irritates me that he does the other (sadi) and calling it the ds.


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My surgery is scheduled for Feb 8, 2024 being performed by Walter Medlin, an associate of Dr. Cottam at BMI In SLC. I was told up front by Dr. Medlin during my consult that the procedure would be a SADI, described as a version of the traditional DS. It was also described by a staff member as a "Loop DS". I was told that this procedure was preferable to a simple sleeve given my T2 diabetes in that I would lose more weight and my diabetes would resolve almost immediately. I was also told that there would be malabsorptive elements to the procedure that would require different vitamins to a typical bariatric patient to avoid difficiencies. Everything else I have researched on my own. My insurance actually requires me to use this practice rather than having surgery through my local hospital's surgery program.