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Feb 21, 2024
Well goodness, I didn't even realize I have yet to introduce myself šŸ¤£ you'll get to know pretty quickly that the nickname I was given as a child "space cadet" stuck around šŸ˜†

I've only posted a couple of times regarding my weight and such. I haven't has much time to poke around yet as I'm a home schooling Mom of 3 (2 recently graduated) and an online college student myself. After I was no longer able to work since July 2022 the lymphedema and lipedema (spelling) got so bad I couldn't walk and it triggered my POTS severely.

I didn't want to do nothing, so I started college so I could stay completely busy.

I have a ridiculous amount of diagnosis amd am desperate to get a life. I would say get my life back....but I never had one as I have been extremely heavy since I was 5 years old after I broke my arm I just started packing on the weight with no idea as to how or why. The Doctors always said to go run and play more.

The first time I considered bariatric surgery was when my kids were young, but I was terrified and that "what if's" is to me. Now that my youngest is 17, I'm ready. I'm tired of being in so much pain I can't breathe some days.

I'll be honest, I'm still terrified....but I'm more terrified of not waking up tomorrow if I don't do this.

I'm month 6 of pre op (per insurance requirements) and I have dietician clearance, Pshyc clearance, and now I'm just waiting for the Bariatrician and the surgeon. I have a abdominal tumor as well, so he wants imaging on that before (just sent it yesterday)

Now it's a waiting game

I've done almost all tests. EKG and abdominal ultrasound are the last test and that's on June 17th and we'll go from there.

Nice to meet y'all!
Completely normal to be scared. I was so ready, if they hadnā€™t put me to sleep before rolling me to the OR, I probably would have danced to it.
Nice to meet you and excited for your healthier future! :) I also have lipo/lymphedema and while not entirely resolved, especially because I don't wear my compression stocking as I should these days, it improved significantly with surgery. The leg improvement is one of the biggest rewards DS gave me.
Hi! And welcome! It is completely normal to be scared. I was approved for WLS in 2021 but backed out 2 days prior to surgery. But, to be honest, I feel it was just preparing me for something better. 25 months later, I had WLS. I was in a much better place in my life and was just ready!

You sound like you are ready! I am proud of you for taking a giant positive leap for your health and well-being!

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