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Is this forum deserted?

Discussion in 'SADI/LoopDS/LDS/SIPS' started by GenJones, Jan 8, 2018.


    GenJones Member

    Helloooo-o...? Seems pretty quiet here, but I'll give it a try.

    I'm a little over one week post-op. I had my surgery on Dec 28, 2017 with Dr. Vivek Prachand at the University of Chicago. I was originally scheduled to have a regular DS, but my operation took extra time and apparently my kidneys were on the verge of shutting down, so Dr Prachand did a Loop in order to get me off the table quicker. I was upset by this at first but have been educating myself on the Loop and why it's done and I've decided it probably was the best choice.

    I managed to stop taking the pain meds they sent home with me after 6 days and, with the exception of one sore incision site, am pretty much pain free. I've been on a pureed diet since coming home and am struggling to get the protein in. So far I average about 75g on a daily basis, sometimes more if I can get more shakes down. No real digestion issues yet; I'm assuming this is due to having a common channel of about 200cm.

    I'm walking as much as I can, just in the house since it's below freezing outside, and hope to start indoor bicycling next week.

    The weight is starting to come off: I was 390lbs in the hospital and this morning weighed 370lbs.

    So far so good... but I am eager to start eating different food!
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    k9ophile Well-Known Member

    I noticed your post by scanning recent activity. It sounds like you're doing well, keep it up.

    I mostly go to the DS board since that's what I had. The SADI, etc. board may need time to grow in numbers of people who have had it. In the meantime, if your posts are not specifically about the SADI, you'll probably get more response on another more popular board.

    I'm in awe of your doing so well so quickly. I felt like death warmed over for weeks.

    Settledownnow Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! As they say, "Sip, walk, and repeat." Your first priority is sipping water and getting in as much as possible (goal = 64 ounces).

    Next, the protein goal is 30 gm of protein in 30 days, 60 gm of protein in 60 days, and 90 gm of protein in 90 days. It sounds like you are doing great.

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    Not dead, just not active...that will take time I suspect as more join that have had the SADI.

    Sip, walk, and rest!

    hilary1617 First time at the rodeo.


    Glad to hear you are recovering well. Pain free and walking is great news!

    Sorry to hear about the kidney challenges. This is unusual. Is this something for which separate follow-up with a kidney specialist is needed?

    Look forward to reading your updates on the SADI-SIPS-Loop DS board!

    Best wishes!

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