why I'm have hard time get rid of my old clothes

I do not know why I'm have hard time get rid of my old clothes, I know I will never need them again or I never weigh over 700lbs again. To me I think I'm have difficulty time get rid of them is because my old clothes were my Security blanket. Did anyone else have difficulty time get rid of their old clothes after weight loss surgery


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Yes, what I did was save one outfit so I could use as a comparison. And then started giving bags away


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I kept them all for a long time.

I still have 2 things all these years later. They’re in the back of the closet but I know they’re there.


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I was happy to get rid of mine. I sent most of them to a friend in rural Texas who had trouble finding things that fit. I was rummaging around in a closet the other day and found an outfit I hadn’t worn since 2004. Too big now but I wore it anyway just because. My very first Speedo sweats. I remember buying it to wear on the plane to Spain.


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I have gone through my closet like 4 times in the last year and tried everything on and gotten rid of anything that did not fit. No more keeping clothes in case I regain. I don't plan on ever being obese ever again!!!


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there's is no one right way to do with your clothes. keep them if you feel you need to and try not to beat yourself up about it.

someday, you will be ready to get rid of them.