Whats your BMI now?


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Highest 355# bmi~52
Now 180# bmi~26

Could be better, could be worse, any weight under 200# bmi~29, and I feel OK
Almost 2 years out from DS surgery date (May 2109)

The lowest weight I've been at my adult height was 130# bmi ~ 19, and that was after I walked the bottom half of the Appalachain Trail all summer
Four years before I was a gymnast (high bar) and had 20# more muscle on my frame , my weight was 150# bmi~ 22.

The first lesson from those old lows is that I can weigh a lot less, and still be healthy.
The second lesson is that, for me, vigorous activity (hiking, gymnastics) clearly helps.

But , really, all I want is to be presentable in public company, and not have my weight get in the way. Well, that and to get rid of all those killer co-morbidities that I carried with the weight


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Was 44 originally, now 29 BMI, had the DS 7 months ago. Heaviest weight was 277, and now about175. Gastroenterologist seems to think my fatty liver issues will go away when I lose another 25 pounds and I would love to see that happen.
This morning my BMI was 21.4. My PCP changed around some of my prescriptions a month ago and I lost 6 lbs in a week which freaked me out. This month marks my 3 year DS anniversary.