What sweetners/additives bother you, and how?


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Stevia gives me horrible stomach cramps.

I can feel maltitol move every inch of my guts, like a too big rock that has trouble passing.

The pink sweetner works for me, but too much sugar and I dump. Yes, I dump. Took me many years to realize it for what it was.

Onion rings? Murder.


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Sugar alcohols are the devil. Xylitol, sorbitol, malitol. I stay away from all the -itols! All other sweeteners seem fine.


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Aspartame gives me headaches.
Saccharine always tastes nasty.
Sucralose (Splenda) was a life saver for two decades but now it is no longer an option.
Stevia tastes nasty.
Haven’t tried monk fruit.

Any -itol equals chemical shit storm for me.

I now stick with regular table sugar or honey. Prefer honey as it has other benefits as long as locally sourced.


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I'm the opposite of most, the "-itols" constipate me to no end... Aspartame, Saccharine taste nasty to me.
Sucralose or Stevia work fine for me. I only use a tiny bit in my coffee...