What happens after gastric band removal without additional bariatric surgery?


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Not exactly a surprising finding! We know that MO is a chronic disease. We know that the presently available non-surgical treatments don't work for about 96% of MO people. Once the band is removed and the patient is left with no ongoing treatment, regain is an inevitable result.


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Regain is common even with the band for reasons like esophageal dilatation which is now known to be a more common complication of the band than the medical community were previously aware.

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And removal is becoming more and more common. Thursday, a woman at the doctor's office asked me what she should say to a hard-headed friend who wanted to get the band because he needed to lose about 40 pounds.

I said, "Just tell him to keep notes on what he's doing so he's ready for the second surgery...the one to take it out. Because, in the overwhelming majority of cases, there will be one."