weird questions about fat bodies...


Hey everyone,

I hadn't noticed before, but since I started getting massage therapy and physio, I have noticed feeling a bit suffocated when I lie face down on my tummy or like I can't get enough air. Is this just a fat body quirk? Anyone else experience this pre surgery?

Secondly, did you /do you feel short of breath when you bend down? I, again, didn't pay much attention but notice now that bending down kind of makes it harder to breathe. I imagine it's better when we're more active, and I haven't been as active lately as I'd like. maybe that has an impact.



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Being MO doesn’t help, esp if it’s mostly in your core. But level of activity is also part of it.


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I never could get comfortable sleeping face down. I just couldn't get enough air plus by back hurt like heck. I've been heavy since about 16 and I don't recallever being a belly sleeper though.

At my heaviest, tying my boots was beginning to be a problem. The kids took to fetching things for me from the floor because my fish out of water impression while trying to bend down that low was distressing to them.


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Been thinking about this. Less specifically though. More like excess weight and how it affects mobility. I think it's one of those things you can't see till it's in the rear view mirror. Hundreds of people have posted at one time or another about the wonder of being able to cross their legs. Being able to go into a restaurant or get on a plane without worrying about flimsy tiny seating or booths.

Every once in a while it still hits you. The other day when I was working on loading a dumpster, I took a break. I was sitting on top of a wall. My feet were up close to my butt and my arms were wrapped around my legs. And I was comfortable. Suddenly it hit me that I was too fat to sit like that and I moved. Then I laughed to my self and went back to work.

Being a person of size colors every aspect of your life. Even decades down the road. If you look at me today, you just see an average old bag. I am in better shape than most old bags but inside my head, I am still fat!


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I don't feel short of breath bending over or when lying on my stomach. Before I got pregnant in 2017 I slept on my belly all the time but since my c-section in 2018 it doesn't always feel good. I don't feel smothered but if I don't position my fatty apron just right it hurts and so does my guts. But I'm not flat on my belly.

You may feel smothered while lying flat because to breathe properly you must use your abdominal muscles. So if you're lying on them you will need to work harder to inhale because your belly pushes out when you inhale and your girth is weighing on all of that. (Unless you've been sucking in your gut your entire life and expanding your chest only. But you can't help but be aware of your breathing and subconsciously breathe properly when you're laying on your stomach struggling for air). Skinny people who are out of shape can have this problem too.