Weekly DS Meetings Starts 01/30/21


Hi Everyone,
There will be a weekly Zoom Meeting for DS'ers and those seriously contemplating having the surgery starting 1/30/21 at 11am Pacific Standard Time. Since I signed up for a free Zoom account, max running time for the meeting is 40 mins. We will have a timer and anyone who wants to share will have 3-5mins. I'll write a brief format, something very simple but structured with the ultimate goal of all of us having a place to support each other and share our experiences. If you think you might be able to make it, please respond to this thread. Thanks!

You will need the Meeting ID and Passcode to log on via Zoom. Here is the Zoom Meeting Info:
Meeting ID: 750 1754 0708
Passcode: RQGkb0


Hi Everyone!

I no longer will be able to run the DS Support group. If others want to do it as a group effort, we can definitely keep the meeting going. Otherwise, the meeting will no longer run, I just can't be there every Saturday and would need other people to help keep this going.

Thanks all!