VSGers! What Vitamins Do You Take? :)

Discussion in 'Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy' started by more2adore, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. more2adore

    more2adore Well-Known Member

    So, I have reviewed the Vitamins & Labs forum, but (like with everything on this site), it's naturally very DS-focused. :) At Liz's suggestion, I went and looked at the vitamin packages VitaLady has set up for the VSG, but I'm unable to order from her, so I'm going to have to put together my own supply. I realize what I need is eventually going to come from lab results, but where do I start?

    This is what VitaLady lists for the VSG:

    (1) Vitalady Tender Dry Vitamin A 25,000IU (Palmitate) 100 caps/btl
    (1) Vitalady Tender Stress B-50 Complex 100 Capsules/bottle
    (1) Superior Source B-9 Folic Acid (1200mcg) Rapid Dissolve Tablets 100ct/btl
    (1) Vitalady Tender B-12 1,000mcg (Methylcobalamin) Rapid Dissolve Vegetarian Tablet 100 tab/btl
    (1) Kirkland Vitamin C (1000mg) (swallowable) 500 tabs/btl
    (2) Vitalady Tender Dry Vitamin D3-5 5,000IU 250 caps/btl
    (1) Vitalady Tender Dry E-400 IU 250 caps/btl
    (1) Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate (500mg) Cinnamon Flavored Lozenges with Vit. D (100IU) 270 tabs/btl
    (1) Cypress Iron brand (Polysaccharide-150mg Elemental) 100 caps/btl
    (1) Country Life Magnesium Citrate 250mg (per 2 tablets) Tablet 120/btl
    (1) Kirkland Multi-Vitamin Tablets (swallowable) 500 tabs/btl
    (1) Vitalady Tender Zinc 50mg (Gluconate) Capsule 100 cap/btl
    (1) Superior Source Vitamin B-1 (Thiamin) 100mg Rapid Dissolve 100/bottle

    @JackieOnLine @Jo777 ? :) Totally down with getting everything I need! I guess I'm just surprised it's this much for the VSG when we really don't malabsorb anything?
  2. brooklyngirl

    brooklyngirl Yankee gone south

    So, anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you'd need to fuss over the dry A, D or E? I think you can pick those up wherever you can find them cheapest or on sale since you'll be able to absorb the oil capsules, do I remember you saying you have Costco there? If so, you can grab their calcium as well, and then nix the B6 since theirs comes with it. I feel like I'd also just do a B complex and then see how I fare with that? It just seems like a lot to recommend to someone with no malabsorption, but again, I could be totally wrong!
  3. southernlady

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    While normal anatomy is supposedly able to handle oil based...it's iffy at best. I was using the oil based D LONG before my DS. All it did was raise my D from not measurable to 14. In the 3 months before my DS, I switched to dry D3, and 50,000 a day no less and got it from a 14 to a 40 by the time they pulled my pre-op labs.
  4. more2adore

    more2adore Well-Known Member

    My D was very low, but got up into normal ranges with 5000 IUD of gel capsules (I'm guessing oil based?) per day. So... at least NOW... I seem to do fine with oil based D.
  5. more2adore

    more2adore Well-Known Member

    I do need to get my D retested though, to see where it is - haven't had that or my thyroid levels tested in over a year due to difficulty getting in with a good endocrinologist here.
  6. Kiekerdepiekske

    Kiekerdepiekske Active Member

    When I had my VSG I just took two multivitamins and extra B12. My bloodwork was always fine. To me Vitalady's list seems way overextensive. As I understood it, the only deficiency that can occur from the technical part of the operation is B12 but since your food intake will be quite limited the first year it never hurts to take a good multivitamin.
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  7. southernlady

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    Altho go by your lab work...if a multi is all you need...fine but many of us, even as normies, need D and iron and calcium.
  8. JackieOnLine

    JackieOnLine Moderator Staff Member

    I am not a good person to ask, but currently taking B12, D3 and odds n ends like fish oil. the D3 is 2000 IU in tablets. no clue if this is enough. :unsure:

    one things I am doing this week for sure is making an appointment so I can get me a doctor and have labs done.
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  9. Purple Frog

    Purple Frog Well-Known Member

    Here's the list from my Dr.

    Calcium Citrate: 1200-1500 a day (2 pills twice a day, 2 hours apart from Multi due to iron)
    Multivitamin that includes thiamine (B1), selenium, copper (2-3mg)
    Iron 45-60mg a day (again, 2 hours from Calcium)
    B12: at least 500mcg
    Vitamin D: 3000 ui daily

    My Vit D was low (presurgery) so I was on a prescription for 8 weeks and now I take 5000ui a day.

    All this is presurgery, so I can't speak to labs after VSG. :)
  10. VDLT

    VDLT VSG October 2015

    I just got my vitamin info from my doctor and it only requires a Chewable multi, 2000 B12 that must be sublingual despite what is in the multi, and 3000 D3

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