VSG with Hiatal Hernia Repair

Discussion in 'Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy' started by Megan11VSG14, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Megan11VSG14

    Megan11VSG14 New Member

    I had the hiatal hernia repair done with my VSG and have felt completely awful. Has anyone else that had had the HHR felt this way if so when did you start to feel better?
  2. JackieOnLine

    JackieOnLine Moderator Staff Member

    I was told my surgeon repaired a hiatal hernia at the same time as my VSG but I never noticed: I felt great afterwards.

    so, I dunno. I assume a hernia could be mild or severe...maybe yours was a bad one?
  3. Elizabeth N.

    Elizabeth N. Herder of cats

    I can't comment on that specific procedure, but I experienced major "tailoring" of abdominal muscles with my "tummy tuck" (I hate that term) and OMG it hurt like hell almost forever, or so it seemed. It's a different procedure, but involves repair/changing of similar structures.

    I had complications on the skin part of the TT and had to have it redone 4 weeks later. So it took me a total of some ten weeks or so to feel about 90% recovered. You should feel better a lot quicker than that.
  4. RobinRG

    RobinRG New Member

    I have the same kind of surgery coming up. I did not know I had a hiatal hernia until I started this process, although I suspect I have an inguinal hernia, too. H
  5. revisionDS

    revisionDS Well-Known Member

    You didnt list your symptoms, but yes, I have had 2 hiatal hernias repaired (I also have other esophogeal issues) -5 years apart, by 2 different DS surgeons. They both caused me to extend my hospital stay to about 5 days. I had a stabbing pain when I would attempt to swallow even slowly sucking on ice chips I couldnt tolerate and severe nausea even with IV zofran. I was NPO for about 4 days or so. At about 5-6 days PO I started to sip very slowly.

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