Vietnamese vegetarian spring roll


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So ... today's experiment was a Vietnamese vegetarian spring roll. The key ingredient is rice paper used to roll up the fresh veggies. The first try was a disaster, they fell apart. The second try worked beautifully. Here are the tricks

1.....use 2 rice papers per roll.. overlap by ~30%
2..... use a bit of lettuce to hold the stuff

If you do it right, it should be as stiff as a Cuban cigar, even after you bite it (the roll not the cigar)

For the filling I used

Boston lettuce
English cucumber
Shredded carrots
Bean sprouts
Pickled Ginger

For the peanut sauce dip I mixed crunchy peanut butter, sesame seed oil, and soy sauce



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Oh it was, and easy peasy , once I got the hang of it.

You don't have to peel the english cuke, and the shredded carrots make things go fast.

I used a paella pan to dip the rice paper in water, and a large cutting board to prepare the rolls.

Another tip... just dip the paper in water and place it on the board... if you let it get too soggy you can never fold it over the veggies properly