Type of doctor to help assess health long term

Hello folks. It's been ages since I've been on here but I can see than many of the original members are still with the group. I'm almost 9 years out, still weighing about 120, and would really like to find a doctor to help me maintain my health from a DS perspective. I see an oncologist frequently because I've survived breast cancer, I occasionally see an OBGYN, I'm about to start seeing a GI doctor so I can get a colonoscopy, I have an orthopedist (just had back surgery) and I finally have a primary care physician whom I like. But none of my doctors know anything about the DS. Should I be pushing my PCP to get educated so I can have all the labs I need completed yearly? Or, is there some specialty that will understand this surgery better than most? For instance I'm seeing the GI doctor because I had polyps several years ago, but also because I'm having lots of bleeding when I have a bowel movement. FYI I've never had diarrhea since the DS. But constipation plagues me unless I guzzle fat (which I try). Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you in advance.


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Hi and welcome back sheribearmama ! I think a good PCP is the best answer to DS labs and general coordination of care. There comes a stage when having a medical quarterback becomes priceless. All the best and hope life finds you smiling!


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sheribearmama A good PCP, endocrinologist & gastro. are the ones I find the best to work with concerning the DS. Especially, the last two but I believe that's only bc my PCP is a bit old school.